The elements of water and earth create weight in the body. People who are naturally endowed by kapha are earthy beings. They are thicker skinned. So it makes them tough and strong and unaffected much by what others do. Their stable nature makes them loyal and good pillars to lean on in life. The kapha type persons hearts are naturally open and loving, because they have a lot of protection around their nervous system.
In the animal kingdom these people represent the elephant. They are quite content moving through life one step at a time. Not fazed much about what is going on around them. Like elephant these people develop long bonding relationships. Their denser type bodies store deep held emotional memory and attachments.
As the kapha type person have a slow rhythm in life, it makes them slower to move. They can ponder and ponder for sometime. But when a kapha person finally decides to commit to change, or to new tasks they will have the greatest endurance to complete what they have started. They are slow to learn new things. But once grasped information, they will not forget. When in balance the kapha person are soft natured people.
However, like every element in nature they can change. Earth and water are naturally binding and heavy. So this can make the kapha type person greedy and possessive. Sometimes they can be very over powering, as they are big and bold.
The innate tendency to possess and hold on to things does contribute in making them good savers. On the down side thou, they can hold on to the weight also. The kapha type people can gain weight easily. These people are most suited to vegetarian whole food diets. As their body is naturally dense and heavy.
Emotionally these people can become weighted down with sadness and depression. If their desires are not met, their soft nature becomes hardened. They become as stubborn as a mule and hold on to grudges. For these people they need to really push themselves to move and change their attitudes. Moving a mountain is no easy feat, but with the influence of the wind and the fire elements, it can create the much-needed stir in their elements.
In the body the symptoms will rise firstly with congestion. Excessive colds, heaviness and lethargy become the normal symptoms for them. If these are not pacified conditions manifest into a deeper condition. Obesity is high on the list along with diabetes and other fluid imbalances.

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