The fire element naturally wants to shine their light in the world. It wants to light up the dark and cast away the shadows. People, who glow up in the dark, love to share what they have. They can be very generous. Naturally they are born warriors. They also radiate warmth, joy and are very happy to receive admiration.
The fire in the animal kingdom represents the feline family, such as the lion or the lioness. The lion has a fierce nature. The lion is courageous. The lion is not afraid to show its inner light and beauty.
Fire is alchemy. Anything you put into the fire will transform. The fire element is sharp and penetrating. People who have high fire in them can see things from a bigger perspective. They have good skills for analyzing situations. Their fire is strong in their eyes so they are constantly observing what is going on around them. They are assessing all the time. This quality is very useful in leadership roles. They are able to shine the brilliant light in situations.
Although, sometimes their views turn into judgments. The pitta type person expressions can become more of an unwelcome harsh critic. When their fire starts to burn intensely, they become irritable. Their inside is not calm, their blood is bubbling so to speak and they react at the drop of a hat. When their fire element is sparking externally, it is not easy to communicate with them. When their internal fire is out of control, all they want is to be is right.
It can be challenging for the pitta people to accept constructive criticism when they are feeling so high and mighty. If they want to enjoy their lives, the pitta people really need to cool their fire. Their words and emotions can wound others deeply. Their natural joyful nature can change and become self righteous and arrogant.
The pitta person does have a natural affinity for high intelligence. As a raging can fire can burn down bridges, the wise ones, will use the high intellect to watch their reactions. Once they can acknowledge that maybe they need to find a way to keep cool, their lives can become fulfilled with acceptance and joy. Being in beautiful nature is so calming for their hearts. If they are close to water, their fire is automatically soothed. Hence fiery people love mountains, the snow and the winter.
The fire is in the seat of the stomach. The first symptoms of high fire can appear with burning in the stomach. Loose stools and high acidity is the fire mixed with the watery element in the blood. Skin problems, ulcers and strong heated emotions are a result of high fire internally.

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