Wind and space are light and unstable energies. When we are less weighted, we naturally have a carefree attitude to life. We can be adventurous and excitable. We can move through life free spirited. This is the Vata dosha in a balanced state.
In the animal kingdom these two elements represent the darting light timid deer. In people this lightness gives them similar attributes. The lightness in their nature encourages movement and supports them to channel their imaginative ideas. Musicians, dancers, artists and clairvoyance have the creative flairs. The space element also opens us up with alertness, which then simultaneously heightens one's innate intuition.
However the space element can become obstructed. When this happens people constrict from life. Their normal dance like nature can actually freeze. When their nature numbs, people become insensitive to their environment. When they have disconnected from their stream of consciousness, they can become cold and dry in their communications. Life becomes tiresome and painful, so they prefer to isolate themselves. This is a way of them feeling protected. When their elements are out of balance, they are possessed by fear. If they watch their thoughts, speech and actions, they can raise their awareness and put in steps to open up their vessel for a higher loving communication and expression of life.
When the wind element is high, it rises up to the head. Hence people can change their minds a lot. As wind is changeable, people are quite comfortable living in organized chaos. This is a natural characteristic for the Vata dosha nature. However, establishing a routine to some fashion, can keep their ship steered in a good direction.
Feeling safe and secure is an important aspect for Vata type people. Their emotions naturally can run high. Hence they do need solid rational support to help bring them back to earth. This can be found in caring relationships, in various groups or your soul tribe. Food, life activities and herbs also offer earthly nourishment to mind and body. Ultimately they need to find calm amongst the chaos. Learning to relax and let go needs to be high on the list of priorities if they wish to find peace.
The body also shows signs of high rising wind. Bloating occurs, dryness in the blood, skin and constipation can be some of the first signs of increased wind. If the wind is not settled, then wind moves through the subtle channels and creates further symptoms, especially associated with increased pain. Mobility issues and high mental imbalances are directly associated with high winds.

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