Who are we!

Beyond our horizons…….

Have you stopped to question who  you are?

This may possibly be the deepest conversation we will ever begin to have with ourselves. It is an ultimate question that can change our lives beyond our wildest expectations.  The truth is, at the very core of it, we are a magnificent source of creativity that wishes to experience life on earth.

Pause for a moment? Take a breath in and release your breath out. Relax your body and say to yourself, Who am I ? wait, don’t rush the answer, take the opportunity to get to know who you are at a deeper level. What are you thinking or feeling? 

You know, most folk will come up with answers from mind. They will say I am Mary or Joseph, mother and father, to Cyril and Ben. First and foremost as babies, we were given a name to identify ourselves with. So others can call us and we can answer. 

This identity of ourselves is a limitation. We have wrapped our whole world around the name and we have stopped right there. We have stopped looking for more. We have accepted who we are. 

So I am going to introduce a few more ideas to wrap your head around. Let’s plant some seed to light your brain up. Let’s broaden your horizons and set sail to new shorelines. Even if that mean’s staying in the same old environment. The truth is everything is all in our minds and we are much more than what the mind thinks.  

We have become accustomed to the habits of life that were passed down by our fathers and mothers and from those who lived before them. What was your family chain like? Did you have to really fight for their survival or did your family members have noble professions. Whatever the background is, every single person on the planet has lessons to learn from those first years of life. It may appear that others are fulfilled and you are not, but they are working or have worked to get where they are. Success in any area, of anyone’s life, does not come to anyone without effort. 

During the first 7 years of life, our brain is organized to think a certain way. We are literally programmed that this is how life is.  We do not have a choice in these years. We are dependent on our social environment to show us the way. 

We move through life living as our parents did. Until something happens. We come to realize, actually this way I am thinking or living is not doing me much good. We may have mental disturbance or physical illness, which is the same occurrence of what has happened in our ancestral line. We are like a duplicate, another copy of the same thing. 

Within this copy, however is a seed. It is a seed of your own creativity; your own expression and your own offerings to give to life. We need to water seeds to help them grow. By water I mean we need to offer good nutrition, protection and good life knowledge. 

Understanding what we are made up is beyond anything you may have heard before. Yes we know we are a mind, a body and we have 5 senses. The 5 senses are our ability to connect with the outside world and for us to understand what is going on in life. We hear to communicate, we feel to connect deeper, we see to move in life, we taste to create and we smell to help us feel rooted to this earth. Within all these parts we also have emotions. So you see we are a bundle of many things. 

Then the most beautiful part of our being is our light. This essence is the creative life force that wishes for us the best. It is our divinity. However somewhere along the way we have dimmed our light, so we are walking in the darkness. We are looking from a narrow point of view of life. We are trapped in painful memories; family patterns, habitual habits that give no sense of goodness to us. We have lost our free will and power. We have forgotten that we have a choice and a right to be happy. 

Making changes, takes commitment. Change does not happen on it’s own. However, the good thing is, no matter how old or young we are, the moment we decide enough is enough we open up a new seed of potential. We open up a new space within us. We need space to grow. Space allows for creation of all things. 

Questioning who we are?, why we are here? and what is our purpose?  These are all pointers to help you open up and be guided into another space in your life.  Ask and you shall receive. It is most definately true, without questioning we will not move anywhere.

You can begin to make change by writing these questions over and over again. Maybe you can draw pictures of new scenes that you wish to have in your life. The world is before you to create your own projection on it.  How colourful is your life? 

Fundamentally, our purpose in life is to come into balance with our natural state of balance.  From this space we see we can create things that make us feel good. Due to the huge rise in health care issues, we are not in our light. As we are doing things that are simply not helpful for us. This is not your fault though, this is how things have been evolving for years. 

However you can stop this pattern of creation and create something new. You can say no and question OK what is out there for me and who am I? 

To come into our light and feel good in our life we do need to work. We need to make changes, but make them slowly!  We basically have to look at a lot of stuff and decide whether we want to hold on to it anymore. This can be challenging as we have been holding on to stuff for so long. The thing is thou, what we let go of, will surely set us free!  

Tina is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, chef and a student of the universe. She is dedicated to knowing the truth of our being. In pursuit of knowledge she has spent a long number of years in solace and silence. This has given her the ability to really listen. She loves nothing more than to be in the embrace of Mother Nature. It is the place where she feels most at home. She currently divides her time between the lovely island of Jersey, Liverpool and India.

You can contact her at tina.foran@ayurvedicriver.com

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