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Food shapes our body and mind. Adjust your diet daily to feel balanced and nourished. Different elements in food support various body tissues, from skin to bones.

Do you recognise your nature?

Vata embodies light and unstable energies of wind and space. Balanced Vata types are free-spirited, creative, and adventurous. Imbalanced, they can become cold, fearful, and disconnected. Physical symptoms include bloating, dryness, and constipation. Grounding routines and calming relationships help balance Vata.

Pitta, driven by the fire element, shines brightly and radiates warmth. Balanced Pitta types are generous and joyful. Imbalanced, they become irritable and critical. Physical symptoms include burning stomach and skin issues. Cooling environments and activities help maintain balance.

Kapha combines water and earth, creating stability and strength. Balanced Kapha types are loyal and nurturing. Imbalanced, they can become possessive and lethargic. Physical symptoms include congestion and weight gain. Movement and lighter foods help balance Kapha


Natural foods contain five elements, that affecting our bodies differently:

Sweet: Grounding and moistening, good for Vata and Pitta, but limited for Kapha.
Salty: Invigorating, beneficial in moderation for Vata, limited for Pitta and Kapha.
Sour: Grounding but acidic, suitable for Vata, limited for Pitta, and beneficial in moderation for Kapha.
Pungent: Heating, suitable for Kapha, mild for Vata and Pitta.
Bitter: Light and purifying, best for Pitta and Kapha, limited for Vata.
Astringent: Drying and cleansing, beneficial for Kapha, moderate for Pitta, limited for Vata.

Opening our pathways to higher consciousness

Opening our pathways to higher consciousness

Ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose are faculties to help us navigate our world. We need to reign in the senses if we want to stop going around in circles, repeating the same patterns, and getting the same results.

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Why Ayurvedic River

When we combine Ayurveda and Pranayama, we will understand the sacredness of food, our daily life activities, and our breath. These are key to harnessing an inner rhythm that vibrates to feel harmony.

When we open the thousands of channels inside us, toxins from undigested foods or emotional stagnation are released. This means we can reduce daily symptoms and make space to feel good.


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