Ayurvedic Body Type

What is Ayurveda?


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life: Ayurveda is an ancient, universal system of medicine that offers profound insights into human life, originating from the Indian subcontinent but applicable worldwide. It explains our existence and behaviors, emphasizing our deep connection with nature.

Holistic Approach to Well-being: Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda takes a holistic approach, addressing emotional, physical, and mental aspects to bring harmony to life. Its remedies include a vast array of natural treatments, focusing on prevention and self-care.

Food as Medicine: In Ayurveda, food plays a crucial role. Our dietary choices directly impact our health and mind. Understanding the unique effects of different foods helps us make conscious decisions for better health.

Medicine Everywhere: Ayurveda teaches that medicine is found in all aspects of life, from the environment to our senses. What we consume through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch shapes our future well-being.

Complementary to Modern Medicine: Ayurveda complements modern medicine, offering gentle and natural support. It encourages the use of all medical traditions to achieve holistic health.

Embracing Light and Understanding Differences: Ayurveda illuminates life, helping us understand and appreciate our differences. It fosters acceptance, compassion, and the ability to change our life’s direction through broader perspectives.

Explore Ayurveda to empower yourself with the knowledge of nature and achieve lasting health and happiness.

Nature and Us

There are five elements that exist throughout our world, each expressing uniquely. The five elements are: space, wind, fire, water, earth.


We have space throughout our entire body. The largest space is in the colon, essential for excreting digested food. The womb provides space for a fetus to grow. Space is also found in our joints, blood, eyes, nose, throat, and stomach. Mental space helps us see the bigger picture, stay alert, and understand our purpose in life. Unobstructed space allows us to welcome life and experience simple love.


The wind element drives every beat of our hearts and regulates the entire physiology of the body, supporting the nervous system. It is essential for actions such as walking, talking, and eating. Wind is the very breath we breathe. Mentally, wind helps us think, make decisions, and process memories. Emotionally, calm wind can inspire and excite us.


Our internal fire sits in the middle of our digestive tract, acting as our internal stove. It processes food into bodily tissue and keeps our blood warm, making our complexion glow. Fire in our eyes helps us interpret what we see. In the mind, fire sharpens our thinking, intellectual capacity, and understanding of life. Emotionally, fire drives ambition, courage, and joy.


The liquid element is essential to keep us fluid and soft, moving blood around the body and supporting the immune system. Water carries nutrition and oxygen and removes food waste from the body. Mentally, water encourages soft, regulated thought processes. Emotionally, water affects our feelings and daily water intake varies for each individual.


Our entire physical structure embodies the earth element, including muscle, fat tissue, bones, ligaments, and the immune and reproductive systems. Earth keeps us grounded and supports our spiritual essence to live a worldly human life. It provides endurance, stability, and good memory. Emotionally, earthy qualities foster compassion.


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